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DO's & DONT's
For knitting needles
1. Needles are the precision component; make sure that there is no impact on them while the machine is running. The impact may lead to distortion.
2. While changing the set of the needles on the machine, make sure that all the needles are changed, never change few needles from the running set.
3. When new set of the needles are assembelled on the machine, make sure that initial hours of the working is under the low r.p.m. as the working hours passes, we can gradually increase the r.p.m.
4. While assemblling the needles on the machine, please ensure that there is no miss-match.
5. The proper and scheduled oiling is very important for the increased life of the needles.
6. Make sure to give machine a break, after a regular interval to ensure that the needles latch do not break in extra fatigue.
7. Make sure that the storage of the needles is proper. There should be no load on the needles while storing. Make sure for the moisture free enviroment.