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Flat Knitting Needles
  • T.Needle thickness
    B.Working length
    C.Hook length
    D.Shaft height
    E.Hook diameter
    F.Hook wire thickness
    G.Lenght from throat to shaft upperside
    VK.Spring height
    H.Butt height
    J.Butt width
    K.Length from front side of butt to end of guide
    L.Guide height
    M.Latch motion
    N.Latch spoon height
    O.O.Overall Length
    VL.VL.Side milling length
    P.P.Height of closed latch
    R.R.Length from front side of Butt to throat
    S.S.Length of throat
    L.L.Shoulder height
    U. U.Length between head end and
    point of closed latch
    VD.VD.Side milling thickness
    Albi APM
    Diamant EMM
    Hanshin Omega
    Mestre Mestre
    Mitsuboshi Steiger
    Omatex Protti
    Shima Stoll
    Universal Tatsumi
    ZAMARK Ssang-Young
    Gongbo Irmac and many more