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Hosiery Knitting Needles
  • T.Needle thickness
    B.Working length
    C.Hook length
    D.Shaft height
    E.Hook diameter
    F.Hook wire thickness
    G.Length from throat to Shaft upperside
    H.Butt height
    V.V.Height of cheek
    M.M.Latch motion
    N. N.Latch spoon height O.Overall Length
    VK. VK.Spring height P.Height of closed latch
    R. R.length from front side of front butt to throat
    Z.Z.Spring length L.Shoulder heinght
    U. U.Length between head end
    and point of closed latch
    J. J.Butt width
    Soosan Rumi
    Betex Lonati
    Nagata Cimat
    Irmac Sangiacoma
    Saviomatec and many more