New Delhi (Corporate Office)
231-232, Westend Marg, Kohinoor
Enclave, Saidulajab, Near Garden
of Five Senses,
New Delhi - 110030, India
Ph No.: +91 11 3921 5700
E-mail : info@alpexonline.com
Alpex offers world class synthetic yarns which are generally ex-stock at most competitive prices. The range covers nylon yarns, polyester yarns, bare spandex, covered spandex and core spun yarns from the global leaders of the synthetic fiber industry.
Spandex Yarn
These can be used for various applications ranging from general applications to sportswear, swimwear, lingrie, socks and other seamless products.
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Polyester Yarn
Regular as well as specialty polyester yarns can be used for general clothing purpose to highly functional fabrics.
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Nylon Yarn
Nylon yarns are used in woven and knit fabrics, fishing nets, hosiery and staple fiber for non-woven fabrics
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Covered Yarn
This is used for socks, stocking and woven fabrics to impart one way or two way stretch.
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Core Spun Yarn
This is used for cotton woven fabrics. Since spandex is at the core of the cotton there is no grin-through.
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